User Experience via User Engagement

Tell a Story in Your Marketing Presentation

Web surfers look for solutions, but we they do so as humans. Meaning a prospect’s emotions about your company and your marketing presentation, are very prevalent when assessing how likely they are to become a customer.

A story allows one to sub-consciously visualize themselves with your product or service. Now User Experience encompasses much more than what we are discussing here, but your overall marketing strategy can be focused around a story.

For Instance take this Red Bull Television Commercial on Ashley Fiolek:

This piece evokes radical ideas of risk and danger through the rism of what one might first consider, the most unlikely of candidates. This demonstrates how Ashley Fiolek has overcome both perception and fears on her way to accomplishing her goals. This message is cleverly delivered in a short – breathtaking snippet, without one spoken word.
The target audience here may relate to Ashley’s Strife while visualizing their own personal strifes. Whether an energy drink has any connection this isn’t as relevant as one may presume, the viewer feels good about Red Bull’s brand, and that in and of itself equals ROI.

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