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SEZZO Labs, Inc. originally a global independent provider of high-quality, cost-effective testing, localization, & certification services for hardware and technology industries, has over the years, aligned itself well with partners in the industry. These partners have allowed SEZZO to better and more effectively staff employees within hardware and software service areas of Silicon Valley’s Engineering and Technology Jobs market.

SEZZO’s original website design ( SEZZO Labs Hardware Testing Website Design and Marketing was not suitable for the new shift in their services, but the client still wanted to maintain a presence for such services on their main site. Ensight came up with a micro-site strategy to move the more developed content of this new ancillary services of employment staffing into a sub domain of the root » .

Visiting the new micro-site website design and SEO strategy for the staffing component of SEZZO Labs’ business, clearly demonstrates both the need, and advantage of the micro-site strategy in this scenario. Not only is the website design and user experience for job seeking users, cleaner, more friendly, and better articulated, the website ad-copy and content is more appropriately and in more niche manner, optimized for search engine marketing. This niche organic marketing or SEO, creates more targeted and better qualified inbound traffic that produces real results, and positively effects the clients’ bottom line ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and web-design done together with a wordpress back-end CMS improve the efficiency, scalability, and productivity of your professional website design and online marketing consulting services.

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