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The Online Marketing Project Scope:

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise referenced as Organic Search, Search Engine Marketing, or Organic Marketing, and so on, is about driving the most qualified inbound online marketing traffic to your company or personal website.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center is a Non-Profit Immigration Attorney Resource Center based out of San Francisco, Ca. ILRC came to Ensight Marketing in May of 2012 with desires to increase the inbound traffic to specific, ROI portions of their non-profit website. We’re currently [as of Jun 20th] creating their SEO strategy and implementing on-page content-optimizations, as well as the necessary off page link-building strategies required to develop and sustain effective longterm SEO. Search engine optimization results can be seen within 30-45 days in some industries, up to as long as 120-180 days (4-6 months) in more competitive ones. One of the reasons we are so high on our Ensight SEO process for website visibility, is because we take the time to study each marketplace, the competitor and their respective strategies, your place in the market, your top selling services, as well as future desires for your product or services online conversions / sales.

Check back for further updates on this client as all of our work is a living and on-going process. In the meantime take a glimpse of our communication and interaction style with this client:

Case Study w/ Marketing Manager, Linda Mogannam:

Demonstarting how we work with our clients on an intimate basis and hand craft our online marketing services.

From Client:

On May 7, 2012, at 11:39 AM, Linda Mogannam wrote:

Hi Mike,

I’ve looked through the “internal searches” Excel spreadsheet, as well as the “keyword” and “backlinks” reports. Yes, further explanation will be needed. It wasn’t completely clear, but then again, I figured it would not be completely intuitive to me.

Can we schedule a call some time this week so that you can walk me through these items?


From Ensight:

Hey Linda,

Yes we can do that, most of it is just to build a profile right now, so it is somewhat incomplete so to speak. We will use this data similar to our use of analytics, helping us understand what area’s of organic need attention more than others.

Analytics helps us understand our traffic and user behavior, while this technical data provided in excel, gives us a picture of the programming standards and best practices for achieving good organic. It also provides a window of history into your organic process … e.g. your .edu and .gov links along with your xxxx initial domain indexing, has allowed you to achieve a very strong and impressive page rank of X.

To give you an idea of how difficult it can be to achieve a six, the website I have optimized the most over the last 2 years has achieved a page 3 rank and controls there market share across the board in search. Because their audience is local and specific ( , they wouldn’t need to reach a 6, a 3 is plenty to achieve search market control.

ILRC seems to control the X and X searched key-phrases, but we may learn, as we crunch more data over time, that optimizing for long-tail terms like “xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx” which you don’t rank for at all.

This is also why a blog is very integral, it’s easier to create continuity in your content around posts vs creating new pages all the time … for now if you’re still reluctant to move on the blog, we can create new pages and try and find the right home for them.

How does Wed or Thurs afternoon sound? Or we can speak Fri since we have deliverables coming for that day.

Let me know thanks!