Drink Chic Mixology

Case Study with Founder, Michelle Betwarda:


I have copied Mardin on this email. We are going to have Mardin take the lead on developing your website, under my creative direction.

This email is about just that direction. You and I need to speak a bit more about the details, but based on the general scope I now have of your business, I think this would be an appropriate layout to consider as a homepage instead of the one that you now see: http://www.drink-chic.com/pages/video-left/

The video would be an introductory / mission statement type, with service highlight reel type concepts … I know you did something with Joey, if you can get a version to me so I have an idea of what we are working with it would be great!

Testimonials don’t exist yet because business doesn’t … so you’re going to have to start providing some services for free if you can’t find paying clients. building your portfolio is key for gaining recognition and trust from prospective customers that visit your site.

We also need to get a service segments and audience segment breakdown:


Service Segments:

  • menu consulting
  • mixology classes / seminars
  • video mixology webniar subscriptions
  • Webinar converted to DVD publication

Audience Segments:

  • restaurants
  • bars
  • hotels
  • night clubs
  • misc venues

you get the idea … please get me something like that soon so we can get a sense of what content those 4 boxes beneath the message in the homepage should represent.