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Website design and branding consulting can be crucial to your on page conversions and overall user experience. Web design and development is not only about how things look, but also what they mean to the user in the manner that they are organized, and of course, how well they function.

Website Likability, Usability, and Utility are three functional items professional web developers are juggling in their minds. These terms are juggled by online marketing experts as well, the middle ground between the two perspectives, is where increased website leads and conversion really ignite. A professional marketer and experienced web designer concern themselves with different details, while building. If you can, you should always have an internet marketer layout your web marketing presentation, and then have a pro web designer come in and dress it up.

Designers / developers concern themselves more with aesthetics, colors, emotional reaction to artistic creativity … Marketing consultants focus on organization of content, ad-copy or copywriting styles, aggressive call-to-action (lead / sale conversion) modals, as well as soft lead capturing modals (resource / newsletter sign-up)

Ensight brings these two scenarios and perspectives together. We are first and foremost, an online marketing agency; we are marketers before we are designers. Once our web content site plan has been developed and web layout organized, we then take our product for finishing. We take the time with our designers to discuss the nuances of the product / service being offered, the target audience, the potential personas, flexibility in future iterations, and more website development tidbits. Ensight DOES NOT outsource any work (except big projects), we work very closely with our own internal team to bring your product to vibrant – visible life.

Discovery; What do you feel?

The client must be happy with the design. He or she must like the design that we have made. Ensight’s web design services are great at making sure a design that the customer likes is made and implemented. Ensight has no limits to a design. We can make whatever is desired from our clients.

Ensight Marketing has made several sites, all of which implemented different designs. Usually, Ensight will provide a customer with anywhere from five to ten suggested designs. If a customer is unhappy with the design, we can always redesign something or find a design that you’re happy with.

L.U.U. Audit

Likability, Usability, and Utility … Perhaps the most important aspect of web design. A site that has all these traits will be an effective site because the user will have a pleasant experience and will most likely come back to the site. The client is deeply involved in this audit.

Ultimately, the client knows the website the customers the best. He or she will know who is coming to the website and knows what he or she wants the website look like.

Content & Marketing Presentation

The way the content of a website is laid out is very important. For example, if a user cannot easily find everything that he or she is looking for, a potential customer can be lost. The layout of the content can alter the traffic. If a user is pleased with his or her experience, he or she could come back again. Making sure the important content is at the top or in a place where the user does not have to scroll is an excellent way to make a website user friendly. In addition, if someone usually goes to a website for a certain page, it is a good idea to have it on its own link on the navigation bar rather than hidden in a drop down menu.

Kelly Blue Book is the epitome of a perfect site. The green bars are simulated questions that a person may have when he or she visits. Someone who has no ability to use a computer can navigate successful on Kelly Blue Book. The content is well placed as well. The most important things come first and are at the top and the less important content is at the bottom. For these reasons, Kelly Blue Book is a great website.

Testing, Testing, Testing!

Aspects of computers are forever changing. Ensight Marketing makes sure that a website is compatible with all browsers (even Internet Explorer 6) and the look of a website is the same no matter the size of the monitor. We constantly are testing our code and make sure that our code is W3C validated. Unless the website is perfect, then we aren’t finished with the website. In addition, we check all our code that developes a strong back end to a website so connecting with clients is a simple process.

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… And our clients are lovin’ it!

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Shannon Stewart, Dell, Inc.

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Mack Michaels, Microsoft, Inc.

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