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Online Marketing Design and Optimized Visibility

Online marketing strategy isn’t easy to capture. At Ensight Marketing, whether it’s Website Design, SEO, Pay per click, Social Media / Blogging, or Email Campaigns, our goal remains to tailor and overview the strategy, deploy it, and track the ROI through detail-oriented reports.

Simplifying the services comes down to understanding what web-marketing strategy best fits your company philosophy, product/service, and market atmosphere. What separates us from other online marketing boutiques is Ensight’s commitment to building you a custom designed marketing plan.

Whether it’s SEO, Pay Per Click advertising, or the many other channels we offer to increase your inbound leads and over all bottom line. Our team takes great pride and in getting inside the minds of your lead staff and better understanding the psychology, motivations, and needs of your clientele. Any common marketer can provide you with a strategy, what separates Ensight and other online marketing experts, is our ability to think outside of the “proverbial” box, to design refined solutions for your situation.

Any product can be “assembly-lined” so to speak, but like suits, the best outfits are tailor-fit!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, also refereed to as organic search engine marketing, is the process of organizing and creating content around particular key phrases to attract traffic to your website. Choosing organic key phrases can be an art and a science; balancing search traffic representation against the psychology and thought process of the searcher delivers the optimum results.

Website Design & Development

Website design and development can be a very sensitive process because of the website design pricing and time commitment associated. Whether designing a static website, e-commerce based shopping cart site, or a customized content management system website, having proper advisement in the beginning stage can lead to a more effective, efficient, and affordable longterm web success.

PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Pay Per Click advertising is a highly effective form of longterm online marketing. The primary venue is Google Adwords, owning about 2/3′s of the marketshare. PPC is effective because it allows for great budgeted marketing, regional targeting, schedule based targeting, as well as a wonderful approach to ROI goals and standards. PPC is the sister of organic optimization when it comes to search engine marketing.

Social Media Optimization Marketing

Social media optimization is wonderful for branding, longterm marketing presence, community engagement, and product / reputation management type marketing strategies and practices. Their are many networks, and new social networks launching daily. Some bigger than others, but I like to think of them with the big 3 first: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter! Linkedin can be prevalent (depending on industry).

Email Campaign Consulting Services

Email campaign marketing allows a company to build a database for longterm marketing and repeat marketing efforts. Email marketing also serves as a strong form of promo or impulse based marketing efforts. Segmentation from both a standpoint of audience and service / product combinations allows for terrific online marketing rich personalized-messaging and controlled reach.

Market & Competitive Research Services

There is no better baseline for how your online marketing looks than competitive [digital and non-digital] market research. SEO for instance benefits heavily from looking at competitor back-links and content optimization. SMO or social media optimization can tell you a lot about the culture and thought process of your competitors. PPC research can give you great insight into a competitor’s budget and advertising / marketing agression in your industry’s market place.

… And our clients are lovin’ it!

“Mike surpassed our expectations w/ both website design and marketing visibility!
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Dr. Khaziran, Advanced Chiro Rehab Center.

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John Smith, Gateway, Inc.

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Shannon Stewart, Dell, Inc.

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Mack Michaels, Microsoft, Inc.

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