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Unfriendly Googlebot Symbols

Posted by Mr. Ensight - March 31, 2012 - Ad Copy & Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO - Search Engine Optimization, SEO Practices & Strategies

So when using the keyword phrase: “unfriendly Googlebot symbols” there is no issue, but when using a phrase (whether anchor linking for SEO or just ad-copy content) that involves symbols, how does Googlebot’s spider react? Can it read through symbols that come out wrong such as [apostrophes] ‘s or [bullet points] • ? Here’s what [...]

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Website Promotion News

Posted by Mr. Ensight - January 3, 2012 - Affiliate Marketing Consulting, Article Marketing Strategies, Lead Generation Strategies, Monthly Marketing Packages, Press Release Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO Practices & Strategies, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Practices & Strategies, Web Marketing Consultant Services, Web Marketing Resources
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Why SEO Leads as your Online Marketing Strategy?

Posted by Mr. Ensight - August 9, 2011 - Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, SEO Practices & Strategies
seo-bay-area-consultants-why search engine optimization

Make SEO your Online Marketing Hedgehog Strategy? SEO (search engine optimization) matters because it brings you a different kind of lead than most other channels. In conventional inbound marketing and advertising, the user is interrupted to see a product or service. Although annoying, we know it still can work. The fact is people need and [...]

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